Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

At iFoodDS, we succeed when our customers succeed. Check out these success stories to learn more about how our customers are improving their business by using the iFoodDS Food Safety, Traceability, and Quality solutions.

AWG (Associated Wholesale Grocers)

How AWG improved the quality of produce they ship to their member stores using the Quality Insights solution from iFoodDS.
Safeway Fresh Foods

Safeway Fresh Foods

How Safeway Fresh Foods Transformed their FSQA Operations with a Digital Food Safety Solution from iFoodDS
Foodbank Australia

Foodbank Australia

A team effort: How iFoodDS supported Foodbank efforts and worked with their donors to make it happen.


“Markon was looking for a tool to help better manage external food safety documentation without adding extra work for our suppliers when providing this data. The iFoodDS team took the time learn Markon’s unique business model and understood what we needed for suppliers to achieve compliance with Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety program. They really did a deep dive into our internal processes to learn the workflow of supplier onboarding and annual reviews. After launch, iFoodDS provided great assistance in getting 100% enrollment from our suppliers. The iFoodDS team continues to provide unparalleled customer service and Markon is proud of the partnership we have developed.”

Kate Burr, Food Safety Director, Markon

The iFoodDS/HarvestMark solution is very well-liked by all stakeholders – retailers, growers and local Foodbanks alike – for its simplicity, effectiveness and impact. It has helped reduce unnecessary waste in terms of transport costs and environmental impact, food and product sent to landfill. It has not only greatly impacted our business in a positive way but has also benefited the environment and our local community.

Michael DavidsonFoodbank Austalia

“The iFoodDS system dramatically decreased overweight products and customer complaints about weight discrepancies. This is something we can now see live and by line and product, so we can identify repeat offenders and adjust price, when necessary.”

Deadra BarnettDNO Produce

“The increase in efficiency of our quality assurance program has allowed us to measure quality data and trends on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis in a more comprehensive manner than we were able to before working with iFoodDS. We can use that data to make more impactful business decisions.” 

Greenskin Avocado

“Having a software tool and mobile tools (tablets) has allowed improved transparency and accessibility to food safety program results.  It is no longer necessary to travel to each location to verify conditions, which saves time and energy/ makes us more efficient.  ​Corrective actions are easily documented with back up documentation / photos within the system.”

Turkey Knob Growers

“The use of iFoods at our Bright Farms production facility has streamlined our food safety process and has allowed management to focus on larger food safety goals.”

Bright Farms

“[A huge benefit of working with iFoodDS is] the level of trust that we’ve been able to generate with our customers…I think that part of the growth that we’ve been experiencing at Divine Flavor has been because of the transparency that iFoodDS|HarvestMark provides to us. When you are in touch with the consumer and the retailer and you get feedback from them, those insights help you make better decisions. It helps tremendously for the growth of the business.”

Divine Flavor

“If we have to pull produce from the marketplace, we can quickly do that … identify which greenhouse it came from, where the cases were shipped, when and from which lot they originated, where else cases of that product may have gone, and how many.”

Red Sun Farms

“By implementing this game-changing solution [iFoodDS | HarvestMark] , Perfection Fresh is further enabling our retail customers to deliver on their ambitions to provide their customers the freshest products, anytime, anywhere.” 

Perfection Fresh

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