Digital Solutions for Grocery Retailers and Foodservice Operators

Consumers expect their grocery stores and restaurants to provide safe, high-quality food, but their expectations are growing. Sustainability and transparency have emerged as important consumer values. Additionally, pending regulation from the FDA will increase traceability requirements.

Several factors make it challenging for retailers and foodservice operators to fully deliver on consumer expectations:

  • Limited visibility into the supply chain
  • Disconnected data points that provide limited insights
  • Knowledge gaps in employees and high turnover
  • Inefficient quality management practices
  • Hidden freshness and quality issues

The right digital tools can help overcome these challenges, empowering you to proactively manage freshness, quality, and efficiency from the distribution center to the store or kitchen.

Grocery retail foodservice traceability food safety
Grocery retail foodservice traceability food safety

Our Solutions

iFoodDS offers quality, traceability, and supplier management solutions for grocery retailers and foodservice operators. We work with companies of all sizes, from independent grocers to enterprise-level brands. Learn more about our solutions or request a consultation with our team.

Quality Management

Optimize your inspection processes and gain visibility into product quality and freshness. Our quality management solution allows you to quickly capture QC metrics during incoming inspections at your DCs. Data is stored securely in the cloud and benchmarked for further analysis. Our analytics and dashboards help you identify the causes of poor quality so you can take action to correct them.

High-quality produce on grocery store shelves leads to satisfied customers, increased sales, and stronger consumer loyalty. 72% of shoppers even choose their grocery store based on the quality of the produce department. (Source: HarvestMark proprietary research)

Benefits of Quality Management Software from iFoodDS:

  • Ship higher quality produce to the store and reduce shrink.
  • Strengthen supplier relationships and improve supplier mix.
  • Gain insights into quality and freshness trends by supplier, location, commodity and more.
  • Increase your inspectors’ efficiency and get novice inspectors up to speed quickly.
  • Standardize your processes and align inspectors on consistent specifications.
  • Benchmark data so you can make informed decisions about suppliers.

Learn more about our quality management software.

quality Grocery retail foodservice traceability food safety

Shelf-Life Monitoring

Gain insights into produce freshness over time with the Shelf-Life Monitoring solution from iFoodDS. Our mobile application makes it easy for your DC inspectors to record produce deterioration over a specified shelf-life period. Online reports and dashboards show you the progression of quality over time and allow you to compare suppliers, store or restaurant locations, and other factors to identify the root cause of issues.

  • Determine whether commodities hold up to the shelf life anticipated by suppliers.
  • Understand shelf life variability for each supplier.
  • Identify factors contributing to deterioration.
  • Combine our quality management software with Shelf-Life Monitoring to gain a full picture of produce quality at the DC and the store or kitchen.

Learn more about our Shelf-Life Monitoring solution.

Network Traceability Solution

traceability Grocery retail foodservice food safety

Gain a complete picture of your supply chain with our Network Traceability solution. We connect your suppliers’ food safety metrics to traceability identifiers, allowing you to trace down to the lot level for each product. You’ll also gain access to dashboards that allow you to view food safety and traceability data in one place. This helps you identify trends and proactively manage supplier compliance.

  • Efficiently onboard your entire supplier network with an online web portal.
  • Receive ongoing technical support from the iFoodDS team.
  • Connect third-party data with our integration capabilities.
  • Use our dashboard to trace down to the lot level, helping you narrow the scope of recalls.

Learn more about our Network Traceability solution.

traceability Grocery retail foodservice food safety

supply chain compliance

Supplier Management

Digitally receive and store vital food safety documents with our supplier management solution. Your suppliers can upload their documentation directly into a secure, cloud-based platform so you can view it and track compliance across your network. Automated alerts notify you when documents are about to expire. Take control of your supplier network today.

Learn more about our food safety document management.

Delight your customers and strengthen supplier relationships with tools from iFoodDS.

Our Grocery Retail and Foodservice Customers

Customer Spotlight: Woolworths

Woolworths Australia describes how the iFoodDS | HarvestMark quality solution has improved the quality and consistency of their produce.


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