Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with the Food Supply Chain’s Freshest Tech

As the leader in food supply chain software, iFoodDS provides the insights you need to deliver wholesome, traceable product from the field to the grocery store shelf.

Get Ready for FSMA 204 Compliance with iFoodDS

As the only traceability platform with a proven and scalable solution, we can make regulatory compliance easy for you and your suppliers. But don’t wait — the clock is ticking! The FSMA 204 enforcement date is January 20, 2026.

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Connected Traceability, Quality Management, and Food Safety Solutions for the Entire Supply Chain

We offer real-time solutions for suppliers, processors, distributors, grocery retailers and foodservice operators. We excel in partnering with large-scale enterprises with an extensive network of suppliers.

Powerful Real-Time Insights at Every Step

Gain visibility, navigate challenges, and enhance the reputation of your brand with insights into your supply chain that optimize quality, reduce food waste, and give you a competitive edge.

Be confident knowing your reputation and brand are secure.

“We believe this system offers us a competitive advantage because it proves we are doing what we say we are doing and gives validity to our systems. With widespread adoption I think we can raise the tide for the entire industry.”

Vic Smith

CEO of JV Smith Companies

Turn the FSMA 204 Food Traceability Rule into an ROI Opportunity

Supply chain disruption, food waste, and food safety are at the forefront of public consciousness. Connecting traceability, quality, and safety is the path to protecting consumers, ensuring product availability, improving shelf life, and increasing sales.

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Going Beyond FSMA 204 Compliance by Harnessing the Power of Data and Technology

Many companies covered by FDA’s Food Traceability Rule, also known as FSMA 204, are focused on the January 20, 2026 compliance deadline. Taking a step back to look at the big picture, it’s important to recognize that the work we’re doing now will yield benefits far beyond compliance with current regulations.

Standardized Data and the Path to FSMA 204 Compliance

Standardized data is the bedrock of compliance with FDA’s Food Traceability Rule, FSMA 204, facilitating use of the same language throughout the supply chain. This will allow for faster identification and rapid removal of potentially contaminated food from the market when there is an outbreak or recall.

Timeline to FSMA 204 Compliance, Part 4: REVIEW Your Organization’s Compliance with FSMA 204

If you’ve been following our Timeline to FSMA 204 Compliance series, you’re familiar with the Learn, Plan, Do, Review strategy we’ve referenced in Parts 1-3 of this series. Part 4 will discuss the timeline’s final but ongoing phase, “Review.”

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