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solutions ifoodds
solutions ifoodds

Take your traceability, quality, and food safety processes to the next level with our real-time digital platform.

We give you the power to communicate your value throughout your supply chain, even directly with consumers at the retail shelf.

iFoodDS helps you transform your traceability, quality, and safety processes from reactive to proactive.

By giving you instant visibility across your operations, we empower you to act quickly. Advanced analytics and research from our food science team help you to continuously improve your operations.

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brand ifoodds
brand ifoodds

Be confident knowing your reputation and brand are secure.

“We believe this system offers us a competitive advantage because it proves we are doing what we say we are doing and gives validity to our systems. With widespread adoption I think we can raise the tide for the entire industry for food safety.”

Vic Smith
CEO of JV Smith Companies

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Here is our bi-weekly roundup of the latest food industry news. In the weeks of March 1 – 15, transparency and quality were identified as the main drivers when buying meat, preference for private labels and demand for fresh products continued to grow, and grocery retailers shared their thoughts on inflation and consumer behavior.

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