Food Traceability Software for the Whole Supply Chain

FSMA 204 is here. Are you prepared? 

Achieving FSMA 204 compliance is a journey. Don’t wait. Protect your brand by acting now. 

We can help you achieve and go beyond compliance by gaining visibility across your supplier network. Our solution, Trace Exchange™ provides a complete picture of your extensive supplier network, allowing you to proactively manage and improve compliance, and instantly traceback and forward across your supply chain.  

Protect your brand and increase transparency across your supply chain. iFoodDS specializes in working with enterprise-level organizations, including major grocery retailers, distributors, and processors. 

iFoodDS Trace Exchange™

Protect your brand and increase transparency across your supply chain.

iFoodDS helps enterprises connect traceability with their supply chain data and supplier documentation. This data empowers you to surpass regulatory compliance and achieve a competitive advantage. With iFoodDS, gain a complete picture of your supplier network to instantly traceforward and traceback to the traceability lot code.

Achieve compliance with the most secure and scalable solution in the industry:

  • Easily capture your enterprise KDEs and your supplier KDEs via FSMA 204 purpose-built applications and methods.
  • Securely store and manage required data for 2+ years. 
  • Share data with your trading partners and control what you share and with whom. 
  • Leverage our compliance dashboard to monitor your data for compliance with FSMA 204 requirements.
  • Quickly access your electronic sortable spreadsheet and instantly traceback and traceforward. 

Achieve Full Transparency with iFoodDS Trace Exchange

We help you seamlessly onboard your supplier network, comply with FSMA Rule 204, and deliver the highest quality product in your market. Instantly traceback and traceforward to foster transparency and consumer trust.

Our Traceability Software Features

We offer multiple traceability options to meet your needs:

  1. Our Case Level Traceability solution makes it easy to create case labels that align with PTI standards and capture required trace data. We recommend this option for anyone packing and shipping cases, including growers and processors.
  2. Our Pallet Traceability solution helps you generate SSCC labels and capture required trace data for pallets. We recommend this option for anyone packing and shipping pallets, including processors, manufacturers, and distributors.
  3. Our Trace Exchange™ solution is designed for companies with an extensive network of suppliers. We provide robust program management and onboarding services to help your suppliers comply quickly and efficiently with your requirements as well as FSMA Rule 204.

iFoodDS has been following FSMA Rule 204 right up until its finalization on November 15, 2022 and continues to do so as the conversation continues. Our solutions capture the required Key Data Elements (KDEs) to make compliance seamless for our customers.

Explore the features and capabilities of each traceability option and decide which solution is best for your business.

Case Level Traceability Features

  • Create harmonized case labels that align with PTI standards.
  • Capture traceability data (Key Data Elements) during label production and store it in the cloud for instant access via your private dashboard.
  • Identify key production trends with our reporting dashboards.
Screenshot of the iFoodDS Case Level Traceability solution

Pallet Level Traceability Features

  • Print SSCC pallet labels from the mobile app while creating pallets for shipment.
  • Capture traceability data (Key Data Elements) during pallet assembly and label production and store it in the cloud for instant access via your private dashboard.
  • Comply with the Advance Ship Notice requirements of your customers with our ASN add-on solution (see below).
  • Quickly trace items back to the lot or forward to the shipping destination with our reporting dashboard.

Advance Ship Notice Add-On Solution

  • Easily submit ASNs automatically at the same time pallet shipments are being prepared.
  • Collect both ASN and pallet trace information for enhanced traceability.
  • Increase shipment visibility & acceptance by ensuring you meet receiver ASN requirements.

Not sure which solution is right for your business or have questions about FSMA Rule 204?

See How Full Supply Chain Traceability Works

Learn how iFoodDS enables instant traceback to the food safety data linked with every pallet and case, giving you full visibility into your supply chain.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with iFoodDS

You will get maximum value out of your food safety and trace data when you connect it through our traceability solutions. Gain a competitive advantage by enabling real-time visibility and instant traceback and traceforward. Reach out to iFoodDS to learn more or request a free consultation.

iFoodDS | HarvestMark has been a leader in supply chain traceability solutions for over 15 years, with 22 U.S. patents for our technology