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Industry-leading traceability solutions for growers, packers, shippers, processors, distribution centers, grocery retailers and foodservice.

iFoodDS | HarvestMark has been a leader in food traceability solutions for over 15 years, with 22 US Patents for our technology. We work across the whole fresh produce supply chain with hundreds of customers worldwide, enabling traceability on billions of products each year.

We go beyond GS1 and PTI standards, helping you exceed the requirements of your customers, and giving you the option to make visible the value you deliver to your supply chain partners.

We work with organizations of any size, from specialty growers to industry retail and distribution leaders such as Aldi, Meijer, and US Foods.

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Learn how iFoodDS provides a new level of visibility by enabling traceback to the food safety data linked with every pallet and case.

PTI Solutions

Enhance Your Value

To protect your reputation and create preference for your brand, you need to do more than simple one-up, one-back, lot-level traceability. Our food traceability software goes beyond PTI standards to give you and your trading partners full compliance plus instant traceback/traceforward across the supply chain.

Gain a competitive advantage by enabling real-time visibility and a full picture of a food item’s history. By exceeding the PTI requirements of your grocery retail and food service customers, you build trust and confidence, and enhance the value of your products.

Easy to Use, Cost Effective and Comprehensive:

Securely hosted in the cloud to enable instant traceback across the supply chain and instant traceforward to the store or kitchen.

Enables quick and easy management of GTINs and label formats across multiple grower locations and packinghouses.

Delivers case and pallet (SSCC) labeling and provides shipment tracking with Advance Ship Notice (AS2 EDI) capabilities, enabling distribution centers to instantly verify receipt of products on purchase orders.

Facilitates fast and easy outbound lot tracking from the distribution center to the store via the voice pick code.

Tracks the food safety, harvest and production data important to your business, not just GTINs, lot and pack date.

Supports the harmonized label developed by industry for use throughout the U.S. and Canadian supply chains, as well as a unique QR code for tracking at the individual case level.

Supports all harvesting and packing workflows, including field and packinghouse.

Saves you time by working with most produce software systems.

Integrates with your QC processes to automate, standardize and improve the inspection and claim-filing process.

Advance Ship Notice Add-On Solution

  • Easily enter required ASN information into our mobile app.
  • Submit automatically via AS2 EDI at the same time pallet shipments are being prepared while keeping current WebEDI submission of invoices.
  • Streamline and achieve increased efficiencies in your workflow by aligning pallet shipping and ASN.
  • Collect both ASN and pallet trace information for enhanced traceability.
  • Increase shipment visibility & acceptance by ensuring you meet receiver ASN requirements.
  • View shipments and statuses in an online dashboard.

cloud based traceability

Cloud-Based Technology

Your data is securely encrypted and stored on the industry’s most reliable cloud computing environment. We complement your ERP and other production systems.

Standards and Interoperability

Our food traceability software is designed for compliance with existing and emerging industry standards, international government regulations, and supplier reporting requirements. This includes support for Global GAP and GMP, GFSI / SQF, BRC certifications as well as FSMA, HACCP and ISO 22000 requirements.

Our traceability solutions support the different languages used by diverse workforces.