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Manage the quality of your incoming fresh produce consistently and efficiently across distribution centers with full supply chain visibility. We streamline integration of safety and quality documentation into your supply chain processes, supported by standards-compliant, real-time traceability.

Safety and quality data is automatically captured and tracked, providing integrated solutions for your suppliers and customers or easily supporting their existing reporting methods. Quality data can be received ahead of product receipt to speed up order matching and routing. You become nimble in adding new suppliers while retaining compliance with your customer documentation requirements.

We provide real-time traceability and visibility into safety and quality from farm to consumer, down to the item-level, optimizing quality and minimizing waste with analytics and scorecards. Safety or quality incidents can be immediately tracked and addressed across the supply chain, reducing waste and customer dissatisfaction. Maximize efficiency while radically reducing the effort and cost of traditional paper document tracking processes.

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Food Safety

Ensuring the safety of the products sourced from your suppliers is paramount to keeping consumers safe and to your success. Suppliers who use iFoodDS Food Safety Solutions have the tools to achieve the highest standards of safety.

Our cloud-based solutions help growers, packers, shippers, processors, distributors, and grocery retailers gain supply chain visibility and implement standardized, transparent, real-time process controls. By providing real-time monitoring and alerts, we help your supply chain partners proactively assess and manage risks as well as continuously improve their safety processes.

Food safety data management food quality managemen

Food Safety Data Management

Manage your food safety data with ease. We capture and manage all data required for safety reporting, including process controls, water and metal testing, product evals, shipping/receiving, GMP, and more.

Compliance and Audit Support

Simplify your audit compliance. Regardless of what food safety program you are operating under – GlobalGAP, PrimusGFS, commodity-specific programs, buyer programs or others – we will enable the right services and link them to your SOPs: forms, checklists and logs that satisfy requirements under FSMA and align with industry audit standards.

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multi-site management

Multi-site Management

Empower your safety and operations teams with user-friendly software that makes it easy to manage food safety. Real-time visibility across all locations in your operation ensures compliance with your SOPs.


Automate the inspection process and leverage data to improve product quality and freshness. Our quality solution ensures you are consistently providing the quality of product necessary to retain consumer confidence and enhance your brand reputation.

We simplify product quality data collection and enable you to improve inspection consistency by standardizing your processes across locations and inspectors. Easy to use tools allow you to capture appearance, condition, defects, temperature, brix or other QC metrics at incoming inspection. Proprietary analytics help identify the causes of poor quality so you can take action to correct them.

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Our leading traceability solution links the first and last mile of the supply chain — from farm to store and kitchen. By working with PTI-compliant suppliers, you can achieve traceability within your organization. We go beyond simple one-up, one-back lot-level traceability by delivering real-time visibility and a full picture of a food item’s history.

Easy to deploy, easy to use, and cost effective, our solution provides shipment tracking with Advance Ship Notice capabilities, enabling distribution centers to instantly verify receipt of products on purchase orders. The voice pick code facilitates fast and easy outbound lot tracking from your distribution center to your customers.

All traceability data is securely hosted in the cloud to enable instant traceback across the supply chain and instant traceforward to the store.

Traceability Visibility Supply Chain
supply chain compliance

Supply Chain Compliance

Our compliance dashboard gives you real-time visibility into supply chain compliance. Automatically receive, store and track compliance and business documents, and make compliance documents available throughout the supply chain, at your discretion. You, and your suppliers, can be notified of exceptions ensuring your documentation is complete and current.

Core elements New Era Smarter Food Safety FDA

The iFoodDS platform is uniquely capable of supporting the full range of the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative with Tech-Enabled Traceability, Smarter Tools for Prevention and Outbreak Response and the communications infrastructure to support a responsible and accountable Food Safety Culture.

The iFoodDS platform is uniquely capable of supporting the full range of the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative with Tech-Enabled Traceability, Smarter Tools for Prevention and Outbreak Response and the communications infrastructure to support a responsible and accountable Food Safety Culture.

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