Connected Traceability, Quality and Food Safety Solutions for Distributors and Wholesalers

iFoodDS offers connected traceability, quality, and supplier management solutions for distributors, wholesalers, and their supplier networks.

Go Beyond FSMA 204 Compliance

With the deadline for FSMA 204 requirements approaching, you may be wondering how to contend with the additional recordkeeping and data storage that will be necessary for compliance. iFoodDS can turn a challenge into an opportunity with software solutions that help your organization gain valuable, actionable insights from real-time data, improve quality and consistency from your suppliers, and strengthen your reputation with your buyers and retail stores. Streamline processes, reduce shrink, and improve ROI by unleashing the power of technology and data with iFoodDS. 

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Food Traceability Software

Achieve FSMA 204 compliance and gain a complete picture of your supply chain.
  • Leverage purpose-built FSMA 204 data capture applications & methods to easily capture all KDE’s.

  • Securely store and maintain data for 2+ years.

  • Share data with your trading partners and control what you share and with whom.

  • Quickly access your electronic sortable spreadsheet and instantly traceback and forward.

food quality control

Quality Insights

Access the tools you need to improve the quality, freshness, and value of your perishables.
  • Standardize the inspection process to achieve consistency across inspectors and locations.

  • Automate the inspection process with an easy-to-use mobile application that guides inspectors.

  • Keep inspectors focused on deliveries with potential problems.

Food Traceability Software for the Whole Supply Chain

Today, it’s imperative for grocery stores, distributors, and foodservice operators to have visibility into their supply chain. Food traceability solutions from iFoodDS are not only the right choice for seamless FSMA 204 compliance, they’re also transformative tools for your future.

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