Connected Traceability, Quality Management, and Food Safety Solutions for Food Processors

iFoodDS offers connected traceability, quality, and supplier management solutions for processors, and their supplier networks.

Utilize Valuable Insights to Go Beyond FSMA 204 Compliance

New regulation recordkeeping requirements can feel daunting for processors. iFoodDS can help your organization capture key data elements (KDEs) from your suppliers and within your own organization, store the data in a cloud-based system, easily share records with your trading partners and use that data and visibility to gain valuable insights into your supply chain network. Improve supplier consistency and quality, reduce shrink, and easily trace and connect raw ingredients to finished products with our connected solutions by unleashing the power of technology and data.

food quality control


Achieve FSMA 204 compliance and gain a complete picture of your supply chain.
  • Leverage purpose-built FSMA 204 data capture applications & methods to easily capture all KDE’s.

  • Securely store and maintain data for 2+ years.

  • Share data with your trading partners and control what you share and with whom.

  • Quickly access your electronic sortable spreadsheet and instantly traceback and forward.

food quality control

Food Safety

Easily comply with your buyer’s food safety requirements and automate your food safety and quality processes across all facilities.
  • Reduce paper and gain real-time visibility across all facilities.

  • Digitalize your checklists, logs, and inspection processes, including water and metal testing, shipping and receiving, finished produce evaluations, and more,

  • Reduce time and costs by digitally capturing elements associated with ingredients and connecting them to finished goods.

  • Receive access to a cloud-based document management platform to easily store, access, and maintain all supplier documentation.

Food Traceability Software for the Whole Supply Chain

Today, it’s imperative for grocery stores, distributors, and foodservice operators to have visibility into their supply chain. Food traceability solutions from iFoodDS are not only the right choice for seamless FSMA 204 compliance, they’re also transformative tools for your future.

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