iFoodDS software solutions work together to increase the value of produce across the supply chain, ultimately enhancing the value of your brand.

Quality Management

Improve the quality, freshness and value of your produce.


Exceed customer requirements. Make your value visible.

Food Safety

Infuse your operations with real-time food safety processes.

The iFoodDS cloud-based platform makes quality, traceability, and food safety data instantly visible, and provides the analytics and insights you need to continuously improve your operations.

With iFoodDS, it’s easier to deliver wholesome, fresh, high-quality produce to consumers. And to instantly trace it forward and backward throughout the supply chain.

iFoodDS software solutions are capable of supporting the full range of the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative with Tech-Enabled Traceability, Smarter Tools for Prevention and Outbreak Response and the communications infrastructure to support a responsible and accountable Food Safety Culture.