See How the Right Tools Prevent Low-Quality Produce from Reaching Store Shelves

Produce quality remains one of the top priorities for shoppers of all demographics, and current inflation means that retailers need to deliver top quality to alleviate consumer concerns over price. Shoppers will even switch stores when their usual store fails to deliver the right product at the right time. Is your brand delivering the quality that will give you a competitive edge? 

View our free infographic to trace the journey of poor-quality produce from the grower to the grocery store. We’ll show you how the right tools can catch quality issues early on in the supply chain. Learn how you can improve customer loyalty, increase sales, and even save $21,000 a month by reducing shrink.1 Fill out the form below to download your own copy of the infographic. Or explore the features of our produce quality software.

1. Average monthly shrink reduction for iFoodDS Quality Insights customers.