Quality Software Designed for the Fresh Food Supply Chain

When grocery stores fail to deliver on consumer expectations of quality, loyalty and sales decrease. If suppliers can’t meet retailers’ specifications, they face costly rejections. On top of these pressures, many companies in the food industry struggle with turnover and are seeking to increase employee efficiency.

iFoodDS offers an innovative solution with Quality Insights for suppliers and distribution centers.

Our food quality management software streamlines the inspection process, quantifies produce quality, and provides full visibility into supplier and grower performance. Our solutions are used by industry retail and distribution leaders such as Ahold Delhaize, Aldi, and Meijer.

Modern quality assurance is complex and fast-paced, with large amounts of data constantly coming in. Manual methods, such as spreadsheets updated by hand, are error-prone and inefficient. They simply can’t provide insights into your suppliers and factors impacting quality.

Key Features of Our Food Quality Software

Quality Insights from iFoodDS is a convenient mobile application that is supported on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. iFoodDS gives distribution centers and suppliers the tools they need to manage quality control, data collection, and corrective actions. Your data is securely encrypted and stored in the iFoodDS Cloud Services.

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App Features

  • Automated email notification system allows you to send instant notifications when produce quality falls below acceptable thresholds.
  • Integrated photo capabilities eliminate the need to attach photos to emails.
  • Watched Products feature allows you to flag certain products that may require more attention from QA inspectors.
  • Disposition feature allows suppliers to quickly find a new buyer for rejected produce or donate to local food banks.
  • Specification Management lets you add and edit product specifications and the automatic scoring feature gives you instant “reject” or “accept” recommendations.
  • Automatically synchronizes to inspectors’ devices to quickly standardize across all inspectors and locations.

See Quality Insights in Action

Learn how iFoodDS gives you the tools to strengthen supplier relationships, improve produce quality, reduce shrink, and increase sales.

How Food Quality Management Software Can Transform Your Quality Controls

Food quality assurance software automates your inspection processes and provides real-time data. This empowers your quality control team to make faster, more strategic decisions.

Key Benefits for Distribution Centers:

  • Ship higher quality produce to the store and reduce shrink.
  • Increase your inspectors’ efficiency and get novice inspectors up to speed quickly.
  • Standardize your processes and align inspectors on consistent specifications.
  • Identify variables impacting quality using trend data by season, location, commodity, and category.
  • Benchmark data so you can make informed decisions about suppliers.

Key Benefits for Suppliers:

  • Increase price averages by aligning with customer expectations.
  • Understand the quality you can expect based on seasonality, location, & other trend data.
  • Capture quality metrics before shipping so you can keep track of where issues arise.
  • Reduce food waste by rapidly finding another buyer or donating to a food bank when produce is rejected.
  • Raise the bar on produce quality by sharing real-time data with your growers.

Shelf-Life Monitoring

Quality Insights provides valuable data on a specific point in time: as produce enters the DC. But even with a quality solution in place, sub-standard produce may still end up on store shelves. You need a complete picture of quality over time. This is where our Shelf Life Monitoring Solution can help.

Capture the deterioration of produce over a specific time period and compare this against the shelf life anticipated by your suppliers. By aggregating and analyzing shelf life data, you can build a historical view of produce by variety and growing region. This empowers you to make better sourcing decisions that will ultimately improve freshness and build customer loyalty.

Key Features

  • Digital app lets your inspectors efficiently record the progression of deterioration and total shelf life for different commodities.
    • Configure the application to your shelf life quality specs.
    • Cloud-based storage lets you use the application on the web or in an app.
  • Real-time, web-based reports and dashboards.
    • Historical view of deterioration specific to produce variety.
    • Green, Yellow, and Red Status to help determine quality and shelf life drop off.
    • Comparisons of suppliers, store locations, and other factors to help identify the root of an issue.


  • Determine if products hold up as anticipated by the supplier.
  • Aggregate data to understand historical trends.
  • Establish a baseline of each supplier’s shelf life variability.

Our Shelf Life Solution can turn your data into insights, enabling you to build a brand based on freshness. By combining inspection data from Quality Insights with shelf life data, you get a comprehensive understanding of how your product holds up over time. Maximize your margins, reduce food waste, increase sales, and delight your customers.

Raise the Bar on Produce Quality Across the Supply Chain

Quality Insights makes it easy to share data with your business partners. This promotes quality at all stages of the supply chain:

Suppliers can see where there are issues and identify the factors affecting quality. This valuable information can be passed on to growers to help them adapt their growing and harvesting practices. Suppliers can also be confident their produce meets their buyers’ specifications so they will have fewer rejections and a better price average.

Distribution centers can efficiently complete rejection reports and spend more time on the floor inspecting. This means they’ll catch more issues and prevent low-quality produce from making it to store shelves. One iFoodDS client was able to cut down rejection reports from 45 minutes to 15 minutes by using Quality Insights in its DCs.

Better quality produce on grocery store shelves leads to satisfied customers. This translates to increased sales and strengthened customer loyalty. 72% of shoppers even choose their grocery store based on the quality of the produce department. (Source: HarvestMark proprietary research)

“The increase in efficiency of our quality assurance program has allowed us to measure quality data and trends on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis in a more comprehensive manner than we were able to before working with iFoodDS. We can use that data to make more impactful business decisions.” -Greenskin Avocado

“By implementing this game-changing solution [iFoodDS | HarvestMark], Perfection Fresh is further enabling our retail customers to deliver on their ambitions to provide their customers the freshest products, anytime, anywhere.” -Perfection Fresh

“Our customers are telling us fruit and vegetables from our fresh department are the most important thing when it comes to quality and that quality determines which supermarket they are going to shop at. iFoodDS | HarvestMark has helped us improve the quality and consistency within our supermarket business while differentiating the quality of our relationship with growers.” -Woolworths Australia

Ready to transform the quality and freshness of your fruits and vegetables? Reach out to iFoodDS to learn more about Quality Insights or Shelf Life Monitoring.

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