Quality Inspection Software for Fresh Foods

There’s nothing like fresh food to draw shoppers into your store or restaurant. Produce, meat, and seafood are top drivers of customer loyalty.1

But many grocery retail and foodservice brands lack the tools to effectively manage quality control.

The Challenge with Today’s Quality Inspections

Food quality inspections are still commonly done on paper. Other QA solutions include spreadsheets and add-on features from ERPs. These methods work in the short term but limit the usefulness of your data in the long term. Where does your quality data go once an inspection is complete? Imagine if your data could automatically flow into a dashboard where you can view an aggregated report. This would allow you to see the bigger picture – the quality trends over time.

Which suppliers, commodities, and locations perform the best (or the worst)? Are there certain suppliers you need to pay more attention to during inspections because they frequently have quality issues? iFoodDS provides a clear picture of these important trends with our Quality Insights solution for grocery retailers, distributors, foodservice operators, and suppliers.

Unlock Data Trends with Our Quality Analytics

Quality Insights is iFoodDS’ fresh food inspection app and analytics dashboard. Our software makes it easy to capture quality metrics during receiving inspections. The data is automatically stored in our secure cloud-based platform and aggregated into a reporting dashboard. This keeps quality data at your fingertips to optimize sourcing and freshness.

food quality control

Quality Solution Features

  • Buyer Dashboards: Scorecards and dashboards provide aggregated insights and benchmark supplier performance to improve sourcing decisions.
  • QC Manager Dashboards: Compare inspection data across locations and view details such as audit duration, sample rates, and the results of each inspector, to highlight trends and improve inspection efficiency.
  • Watched Products: Flag products that need more attention from your inspectors. Buyers and category managers can add helpful information and highlight trends in the app.
  • Specification Management: Easily add/edit quality specs.
  • Automated Email System: Send automatic notifications to suppliers and your QA team when quality falls below your specs.
  • Automatic Sample Size Calculations: Calculate sample size for incoming shipments.

Our Quality Inspection Software Helps Boost Customer Loyalty

Learn how iFoodDS automates the inspection process and uses data to strengthen supplier relationships, improve product quality, and bolster customer loyalty.

See Quality Insights in Action at Associated Wholesale Grocers

Learn how Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) used the iFoodDS Quality Insights solution to improve the quality of produce they send to their member stores.

Our Shelf Life Monitoring Solution Optimizes Freshness

iFoodDS offers a Shelf Life Monitoring solution to complement our Quality Insights app. While Quality Insights captures quality at receiving, Shelf Life Monitoring tracks produce deterioration over time to validate the expected shelf-life. This data is aggregated in an online dashboard to provide a historical view of produce freshness across commodities and growing regions.

Your buyers and category managers can use shelf-life data to improve sourcing, optimize freshness, and build customer loyalty.

Key Features

  • Easily capture freshness data from a mobile device to record deterioration over time.
  • Create a historical view of produce freshness to inform sourcing decisions.
  • Determine the point in time where quality and shelf life drop off.
  • Compare suppliers, store locations, and other factors to identify the root cause of freshness issues.

“The increase in efficiency of our quality assurance program has allowed us to measure quality data and trends on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis in a more comprehensive manner than we were able to before working with iFoodDS. We can use that data to make more impactful business decisions.” -Greenskin Avocado

Suppliers can identify factors impacting quality

“By implementing this game-changing solution [iFoodDS | HarvestMark], Perfection Fresh is further enabling our retail customers to deliver on their ambitions to provide their customers the freshest products, anytime, anywhere.” -Perfection Fresh

Higher-quality produce is shipped out from DCs

“Our customers are telling us fruit and vegetables from our fresh department are the most important thing when it comes to quality and that quality determines which supermarket they are going to shop at. iFoodDS | HarvestMark has helped us improve the quality and consistency within our supermarket business while differentiating the quality of our relationship with growers.” -Woolworths Australia

Grocery retailers can delight shoppers

Let’s have a conversation about how Quality Insights can transform the quality of your fresh food, boosting customer loyalty and sales.

1. Major, Meg. “Consumers Rate Top Retailers: In What Do They Trust,” February 9, 2018, https://www.winsightgrocerybusiness.com/retailers/consumers-rate-top-retailers-what-do-they-trust