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Gain Real-Time Visibility with iFoodDS Food Safety Software

The best way to prevent a food safety incident is to avoid data blind spots. The iFoodDS platform and tools give you up-to-the-minute information that enables you to manage risks and respond proactively to potential safety and quality failures in the field or at your facilities.

Save lives by proactively managing and addressing potential food safety issues

Proactively Manage Risks in the Field with iFoodDS Food Safety Manager

Learn how iFoodDS food safety software helps ensure that all of your growing locations follow your program and improve your operations to grow your bottom line. You can also securely store your documentation so you’re audit-ready whenever you need it.

Food Safety Manager Features

  • Provide your field team with access to digital forms, checklists, and logs based on their roles, including environmental assessments, corrective logs, and daily pre-op checklists.
  • Capture field assessment data offline and then sync to the cloud when back online.
  • Record corrective actions with notes and pictures.

Give Your Team the Tools They Need with FSQA Manager for Facilities

Our food safety software and tools make it easier to comply with the food safety requirements of your buyers and to meet FSMA 204 regulations. iFoodDS food safety solutions give you real-time visibility into your operations so you can stop safety issues before they begin.

FSQA Manager Features

  • Provide facility employees with access to digital forms, checklists, and logs based on their roles, including water and metal testing, shipping/receiving, GMP inspection, and more.
  • Capture assessment data on the production floor, making it available in real-time to management.
  • Easily record and track corrective actions with incident notes, root causes, and pictures.

Get Help with Audit Preparation and Compliance Management

Having data and test results at your fingertips means you’ll always be ready for food safety audits and able to quickly share data with partners across the supply chain, leading to stronger relationships and increased trust. The iFoodDS platform is designed for compliance with customer and industry standards, international government regulations, and supplier reporting requirements. Including support for:

  • Primus GFS
  • Global Gap
  • GMP
  • FSSC 22000
  • Safe Quality Food (SQF)
  • BRCGS Global Standard
  • IFS Food Standard

Simplify Documentation with Our Supplier Management Add-On

Document Management is a standard feature with all iFoodDS subscriptions and allows you to upload your own documents. We also provide Supplier Management as an add-on with a cloud-based document repository, enabling suppliers to submit required documentation easily.

Manage Your Environmental Monitoring Program with iFoodDS Modeling

Our science team can review your current environmental monitoring program (EMP) and make recommendations for improvement. Our team uses on-site sampling and workflow analysis for clients requiring more robust risk management to create a model that predicts listeria contamination risk in your facility. This enables you to proactively manage your environmental monitoring program to keep buyers and consumers safe.

“With the continuous support of the iFoodDS team, we have been able to build an exceptional sanitation and food safety department in our new world-class packing facility. We have eliminated cumbersome, paper-based processes and tasks, greatly improving our efficiency and our bottom line. We’ve also virtually eliminated all food safety and quality failures. Because we have real-time access to the data, we can quickly react and make decisions that positively impact our KPIs and HACCP compliance. We also use the information we get from the iFoodDS tool to train and generate an increased interest in food safety within our team.”


Jeremy Leavitt, Food Safety & Compliance Director, Borton & Sons Inc.

“iFoodDS has emerged as the leading provider of food safety, traceability, and quality software for the supply chain due to their innovative product lines and technological and scientific expertise. The company is positioned to continue its evolution as a product innovator and solution provider as well as a thought leader for both its customers and the broader produce industry.”


Vic Smith, CEO, JV Smith Companies

“We had a paper-based food safety program in place, but as the Food Safety Representative for J&J, I wasn’t assured until I got my boots on the ground at all our different locations and really understood what was taking place. That prompted me to start looking at an electronic system to manage our food safety program, which led us to iFoodDS. That next step [in food safety] is definitely going electronic. We were ahead of the curve when we did this [implemented the iFoodDS Food Safety solution], but we have definitely seen benefits from going electronic when it comes to record keeping, auditing processes, and truly managing our food safety program.”


Joseph Mathis, Senior Grower Development Manager, J&J Family of Farms

“Markon was looking for a tool to help better manage external food safety documentation without adding extra work for our suppliers when providing this data. The iFoodDS team took the time learn Markon’s unique business model and understood what we needed for suppliers to achieve compliance with Markon’s 5-Star Food Safety program. They really did a deep dive into our internal processes to learn the workflow of supplier onboarding and annual reviews. After launch, iFoodDS provided great assistance in getting 100% enrollment from our suppliers. The iFoodDS team continues to provide unparalleled customer service and Markon is proud of the partnership we have developed.”

Kate Burr, Food Safety Director, Markon

Learn how the iFoodDS platform puts data and test results at your fingertips.

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