FSMA 204 Is Here – Traceability Software Makes It Easy to Comply

FSMA Rule 204 was finalized on November 15, 2022. This new regulation affects many fresh food categories, including produce and seafood. Make compliance easy with traceability software that gives you greater visibility into your supply chain.

iFoodDS simplifies the complex by capturing your suppliers’ traceability data and connecting it in one dashboard. Get a real-time view of your supply chain and instantly traceback or traceforward. We store your data in a secure, cloud-based platform so you can quickly access it and share it as needed.

Food Traceability Software Features

  • Easily create PTI case and SSCC pallet labels
  • Capture traceability data during label production to comply with FSMA Rule 204
  • Traceback and traceforward across your supply chain
  • A good fit for growers, packer-shippers, and processors
  • Gain a better picture of your supply chain and instantly traceback or traceforward
  • Connect food safety and traceability data in one dashboard so you can verify FSMA Rule 204 compliance
  • Get technical and communications support from iFoodDS for a seamless onboarding experience for you and your suppliers
  • Ideal for grocery retailers, foodservice operators, distributors, and larger processors

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See Our Traceability Software in Action

See how iFoodDS connects vital food safety data to traceability information, providing full visibility across the supply chain.

“By combining traceability with food safety, and passing along vital information to our distributors, we can be confident that they will always have the freshest, most wholesome products to sell to their customers. We have been very happy with how easy their system is to use, and have always appreciated the level of service the iFoodDS team provides.”

– OP Murphy

“The level of trust that we’ve been able to generate with our customers…I think that part of the growth that we’ve been experiencing at Divine Flavor has been because of the transparency that iFoodDS|HarvestMark provides to us. When you are in touch with the consumer and the retailer, and you get the feedback from them…the insight that you get helps you make better decisions. It helps tremendously for the growth of the business.”

– Divine Flavor

iFoodDS offers connected traceability, food safety, and quality management software for the entire fresh food supply chain. Learn more about our digital solutions.