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Quality. Freshness. Value.

As a supplier to grocery retailers and food service providers, you’re held to high quality standards by your buyers. Do you often wish it was easier to evaluate product according to their specifications?

Learn how iFoodDS produce quality management software gives you the tools to consistently deliver higher quality product to your customers. You’ll reduce rejections and increase volume sold, resulting in more revenue and reduced costs.

  • Inspect and grade product, and determine who to ship to based on unique buyer specifications.
  • Reduce rejections by keeping everyone on the same page, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Utilize our intuitive benchmarking tools and scorecards to help you compare the performance of growers and make impactful decisions.
  • Drive accountability by instantly sharing quality information with your trading partners and associates.

Expect more, reduce costs, increase sales. 

Your brand’s reputation is your most valuable asset. When you consistently demand and provide high- quality produce, a high-quality brand reputation will follow.

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