3 Key Benefits of End-to-End Traceability

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With proposed FSMA Rule 204 set to be finalized in November 2022, traceability has been top of mind for the food industry. Some see traceability as a burdensome cost of business, while others will embrace the advantages of end-to-end traceability. Here are 3 key benefits to consider.

1. Protect Your Consumers and Your Brand

In a food safety event, time is critical. An end-to-end traceability platform will:

  • Give you access to real-time food safety data.
  • Connect your data to lot codes and other identifiers to enable instant traceback/traceforward.
  • Empower you to quickly respond to an investigation or recall, promptly protecting consumers and mitigating damage to your brand.

2. Achieve Operational Efficiencies

In addition to speeding up recall response, a comprehensive traceability and food safety platform provides these other operational efficiencies:

  • Efficient collection of KDEs to seamlessly comply with Rule 204.
  • Easy supplier management with a real-time view of suppliers’ documentation, food safety practices, and labeling practices.
  • Clearer connections between food safety and traceability data.

3. Gain a Competitive Advantage

End-to-end traceability provides several key advantages that many of your competitors will lack:

  • Track products from field to store so you can pinpoint problem areas or opportunities for improvement.
  • Strengthen existing supplier relationships by providing valuable insights.
  • Leverage transparency to earn shopper trust.

Visit our FSMA Rule 204 Hub to learn more about traceability and the new FDA regulations.

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