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Improve food quality and supplier mix with tools from iFoodDS. Our quality management system automates inspections at the DC or facility. Data is stored securely in the cloud for easy access and then organized in dashboards to help you identify issues or performance trends. We serve the entire supply chain, from processors and food manufacturers to grocery retailers and foodservice operators.

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Proactively Manage Quality and Freshness

Software Features

Transform your food quality assurance program with our software: 

  • Track and store quality metrics from a mobile device.
  • Standardize your inspection processes.
  • Receive notifications when product quality falls below your standards.
  • Identify problems and trends in your online dashboard.
  • Proactively manage food quality by catching issues as they occur.
  • Benchmark supplier and commodity performance to improve sourcing decisions.
Rejection report time was reduced from 45 min to just 15 min

One major foodservice distributor went from 45 minutes to just 15 minutes per rejection report after implementing our Quality Insights solution.

“The increase in efficiency of our quality assurance program has allowed us to measure quality data and trends on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis in a more comprehensive manner than we were able to before working with iFoodDS. We can use that data to make more impactful business decisions.”

– Greenskin Avocado

See Our Quality Management System in Action

Watch our short video to see how our QMS helps you strengthen supplier relationships, improve food quality, reduce shrink, and increase sales.

iFoodDS offers connected traceability, food safety, and quality management software for the entire fresh food supply chain. Learn more about our digital solutions.